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Just some of the many wonderful reviews from our patients:

Barbara G. - Excellent staff, caring atmosphere, with a real desire to help you get back on your feet and stay there.

Susan B. - Kind, caring, competent staff.

Palma F. - I am impressed the knowledge and experience the staff brings to my PT sessions. Ther are true professionals with a homey touch and warmth/love of people. Fine work marks the "Keck Experince."

Lynn W. - Robert and staff helped me rehab my arm after a bad break and two surgeries. Very professional, caring and knowledgeable team.

We’re honored to share these in-depth testimonials:

Keck Physical Therapy has helped me regain energy, stamina, and strength. I first went as a Silver Sneakers member and was given an exercise regime to begin by the helpful staff. I was helped and encouraged by everyone as I worked out and lost weight.

When I required physical therapy later this year, Robert Keck and his staff worked to get me results that have allowed me to avoid another surgery. The whole team is skilled, kind, caring, understanding, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. This is a place where you work with an experienced team surrounded by support and encouragement from them and others recovering from surgery or getting back in shape and on their feet.

The atmosphere is caring, friendly, and welcoming. The staff are always helpful and available. Music and laughter are in the air, and on some days, there is a friendly dog to add to the environment. I would recommend Keck’s Physical Therapy to another.

Elizabeth Cross
Member since 2018

Bob Harmon

It was almost four years ago that my family physician suggested that I attend some prescribed physical therapy (PT) at Keck’s to relieve some of the pain associated with Spinal Stenosis. Along with my scheduled traction sessions and massages, I was challenged with assigned reps on various equipment types (treadmill, ab crunch, leg stretches, etc.). As the PT did its magic and drew to a close, my personal blood test results began to go in the right direction. By continuing with the Wellness Program, the benefits improved from year to year. To date, my total cholesterol levels are now in the 160’s (from a high of 200+ a few years back). My triglycerides, along with the good (HDL) and the bad (LDL) cholesterols, are better than ever. All of this is so welcoming as we grow older, but the big payoff is that body weight is maintained.

The attempt to attend wellness every morning of the week is not always possible, but the more the better. There has been an increase in my energy during the days, and I now sleep soundly at night.

Abiding by a healthy lifestyle and my daily exercise routine is what the doctors tell you is best. It definitely works!!!

I will conclude with my compliments to the Keck PT staff for their professionalism and their willingness to assist at all times. And the complimentary, delicious cup of coffee at the end of the sessions is always a plus.

Bob Harmon
Member since 2013